Phuket Wedding DJ

When looking for a Phuket wedding DJ to play on your wedding you probably have some questions. No DJ will ever tell you he isn’t really good and you maybe have questions like…

Who is the best DJ for us?

Is the DJ really professional?

Is the DJ good at mixing?

Is the DJ really capable of reading the crowd?

Can I trust the DJ?

…and sure enough your questions are relevant. Anyone can play music, but to be a good DJ is something else. And to be a real professional DJ with true ability to read the crowd, fast thinking with wide knowledge of music and not least great mixing techniques it takes far more than showing up with flashy equipment. Just like with everything, you need talent to even have the capability to become a real good DJ. This is the reason many DJs love to play “deep house”, “minimal house” and other styles of music that is simple to mix and yes, that might fit at a beach bar.

Theres a big benefit of having us select a DJ according to your needs instead of sourcing the DJ yourself. We know the DJs styles and with all clients feedback we can pinpoint the best options for you.

We are a professional Phuket Wedding DJ agency with long experience from Phuket. We catering only the best professional wedding DJs to make sure your wedding party will be a rememberable time with awesome music throughout the evening.

Depending on your music preferences you will get the best suitable DJ that are sure to live up to your expectations and beyond!

We even have huge international experience with clients from all corners of the world.

Except from performing during your party the DJ will also be able to play during your wedding reception dinner, cocktail and also be present and handle the music during your wedding ceremony if needed.


2016 has been an amazing year and we aim to let 2017 be just a great with many upcoming wedding parties at the many fantastic 5 star resorts and villas in Phuket.


Please contact us today and we are happy to make sure your wedding evening will be a success for all ages.